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"Little Ondine, an odorless peel-off polish made of naturally derived ingredients (plant resin, mineral pigments and water), is available in Europe and China and coming to the United States this winter. If corporate interest is an accurate indicator, Little Ondine is poised to be the next big thing. Little Ondine dries in about two minutes, and removal is oddly satisfying, like peeling an orange in one long spiral." 



Little Ondine polishes are a brand new and innovative product composed of natural resin, organic colourants and water, and their main USP is their easy peel off formulaI think these polishes are just fantastic, they dry in record speed, there’s no smell at all, and I love the fact that they peel off so you can change your nail look at a moments notice. 
Michelle, Beauty Blogger of Thou Shalt Not Covet


“If you’re too easily bored for gels, I evangelically endorse Little Ondine, a brilliant range of (very) temporary polishes in gorgeous colours. They’re chemical- and odour-free, and exceptionally easy to use. Just slap on a coat, wait 30 seconds or so (really), and they’re dry. They last a day, then are simply – and satisfyingly – peeled off whole, with zero damage to the naiI.”
Salim Hughes, Beauty Columnist for Guardian 




Little Ondine is a brand of nail polish with a twist. It has all natural ingredients and once you're finished with wearing it then you simply peel it off to remove it! As they are peelable, the formula is slightly different meaning that there is a special way to apply them. You have to make sure your nails are clean and dry before you apply the polish to make sure there is no excess oil on the surface, this will ensure that the product gets a better grip onto your nail. After you have applied you desired amount of coats, keep your freshly painted nails away from water within the first hour as the water can soften the polish and lift the edges.



“There aren't many things I get through my mailbox that keep me wanting more and more, but this is one of them. I'm absolutely in awe of the idea and it has become my new favorite nail polish. I can't wait to treat myself next month to a few more colors."
Bethany, Beauty Blogger of WHATSHEDID



Never would I have imaged a natural nail polish becoming available and honestly it’s better than what I would have thought! Normally when it comes to natural alternatives they don’t work as effectively or quick as manmade substances, but this formula completely blew me away! Two things really stood out to me when using this and that was how quick the formula dried and the fact it has no horrible chemical scent to it! It was a breath of fresh air! I just feel in love with these polishes and can’t wait to try other shades from the range now. 
Jenny, Beauty Blogger of Krystal Couture




 "The concept behind Little Ondine is not only totally legit when it comes to being non-toxic, but also injects the fun back into the playing with nail polish. And did I mention that they're cute as hell? I'm personally in love with the shade Cuddle right now!"
Mayah, Beauty Blogger of Call it VANITY



"It's not often that true innovation genuinely comes along. So when it does, it's natural to sit up and take note. Step forward new nail brand Little Ondine... I'm genuinely impressed with these polishes. They address some big nail polish bug bears."
Tracey, Beauty Blogger of Face Up Beauty



"The colors are just as vibrant and fabulous as in chemical polishes, so you're not compromising there either. What's even better is that you can now wear glitter nail polish (and they have loads) without the trauma of having to spend AGES trying to remove it."
Jayne Kitsch, Beauty Blogger



“Little Ondine has completely reinvented your bog standard polish and switches for an au-natural kinda nail varnish... Its choice of colors is literally INSANE. And only two coats and your nails are the best, super shiny shade of whichever colour you fancy."
Chloe Burcham, Beauty Blogger of Sugar Scape



“Composed of natural resin, organic colourants and water, these pretty polishes are fragrance-free and contain only the best minerals from around the world that work to deliver a pure and organic color, that's both smooth in texture and hydrating for your nails. The peel-off nature also means you don't have to turn to corrosive chemical removers when you want to switch up your mani look."
Katie Robertson, Get the Gloss Columnist




"Being a person that always leaves painting her nails to the last minute, I can now paint on the go, and the best of all is that no one will know that i'm doing it! Perfect for when I need to paint my nails at my desk just before a meeting or an event. Oh and if I don't like the shade, a few minutes later, I can simply peel it off and start again."
Aarti, Beauty Blogger of Mrs Jonas Recommends



“Little Ondine peels off – I’ve put it to the test and it peeled very well for me; nice and neatly,  so you don’t even need to put any polish remover on your finger tips if you don’t want to. There are so many good things to recommend this polish–  it’s really taken things to another level and I’m delighted that we finally have the opportunity to actually buy it!”
Jane Cunningham, British Beauty Blogger




“You can peel this off which is excellent. I travel like mad: this cuts out the need for remover. There are no synthetic products in it so it’s great for my little girl too.”
Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza, Founder of the Spa & Skincare Omorovicza





"All of the polishes feel thicker than a regular polish but they apply amazingly easily! The polish glides onto the nail and doesn't drag or streak at all. The end result is a wonderful glossy finish, especially for the solid color. I have never had a polish that applies and dries quickly and so smoothly and perfectly!"
Mavs, Beauty Blogger of Naturally Diddy